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Consulting Services, Impact Studies, & Tax Appeals in Monroe, North Carolina

House Appraisals, Consulting Services in Monroe, NC

In addition to appraisal services, Morrison Appraisal in Monroe, North Carolina, offers consulting services, impact studies, and tax appeals.

Consulting Services

Morrison Appraisal helps investors or individuals that are making real estate decisions, including value. We show you what market rent should be and when it is a good time to sell.

When you have questions about your property, let us assist you in the decision making process. We have a network of professionals that we can recommend to help further your decision once a course of action has been planned.

Impact Studies

Impact studies are necessary if you are trying to bring a new business or change its use in your municipality that is not under current zoning code or requires a special permit. The owner of the land or business has to have an impact study to present for a hearing to show that what they are planning is not going to adversely affect surrounding properties. Let our company provide this report for you.

The study includes an analysis of the site, surrounding properties, and the impact of the change of use or new use to the surrounding property. For example, when you want to open a home business that is not in the zoning restrictions, we study other similar business in other areas to see if it had any effects in other areas.

Tax Appeals

Let our company provide an estimate of value for your property so that you can appeal its assessed value. When you feel that the assessed value is too high, we provide an appraisal that can be used to appeal property values. The data value provided is based on the date of re-evaluation, not the current market value.

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